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Why Do You Need A Blog Today?


The reaction of the general public to the word "blog" has changed radically in the last decade and a half. From its humble beginnings as an avant-garde way of distributing content and stories from day to day, to its current form, its ubiquity on the modern Internet is undeniable. Hey, you're reading this, right?

At some point, however, blogs lost a bit of shine. It stopped being exciting or new and instead became commonplace, since each website has its own blog, well, what's the point? Why do you need a blog today? Can't you succeed without it, investing the time and money you would earn by removing it from your content strategy for something more useful? Are not social media and YouTube, in particular, the new frontier?

The fact is, yes. THE BLOGS!!!! They are still important, but not only because everyone seems to be doing them. Blogging helps and builds your website and your business in many ways.

Blogs with smart use and a good content strategy can help you improve against your competition. Here are some reasons.

Blogs are proof that you care about your brand and your customers or visitors.

Whether you try it or not, blogs say something about your brand. Let's say it this way: "You go to a website to find someone to do a service for your home, find in your search engine, two offers, both have similar features, prices, and websites. One of the websites has a blog that is updated. The other presents a blog that has not had any new content in two years. Which option offers you more guarantee of these updated?

An updated and high-quality blog says that your company is committed to providing relevant content to your customer base, and if someone searches for any question that you explain in your blog, you can become customers.

Blogs with regular publications say that your business is active and that you care about its appearance and its continued relevance in society.

Remember: your brand is what its followers think of it; we must be relevant and visible for search engines to position us as high as possible when someone searches.

Blogs take advantage of the long-tail keywords.

Of course, blogging has a purpose beyond the mere fact that we are visible and reputation. If your blog is well built, it can be an absolute goldmine in the world of organic search results.

In fact, blogs should be the central part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy because of the long tail or "long tail" keywords. Long-tail keywords differ from keywords in specificity and purpose and are very lucrative in the medium and long term.

By their nature, long-tail keywords are not as common as more general searches, but they can be extremely specific, which means that there is less competition for those particular word chains. In addition, those looking for long-tail keywords are found further down in the sales funnel. Thinking it through to asses what your customers are searching and include that search in your blog cause they know what they want, and they are looking specifically. If you provide what they are looking for, they do not need to search anymore.

This is shown in the data: A one or two-word search averages a 1.5% conversion rate, but a six-word search results in a 2.5% conversion rate.

It is quite difficult to develop an SEO strategy for your website to use long-tail keywords profitably. If you do, you are likely to lose in terms of higher volume, even if it is more difficult to compete for them. But blogs allow your website to compete for these delicious bites of keywords, focusing even on the most specialized terms. And through your specific blog and post, you can direct them to your products or services.

Blogs positively affect the SEO of your page.

SEO is not just about optimization for specific pages. Good SEO practices have to do with ensuring that your website is relevant and useful for your main audience and help search engines to recognize us. And most importantly, content is important because people are important.

Google and the other search engines are quite good at recognizing that too. If you think about it, the best thing for Google is not to value the "shortcuts" of SEO as the filling of keywords without more, if the search engines do not see that our content is of quality and relevant, we will not be well-positioned and potential customers, they will search In another site.

In terms of Google, this is called EAC, which means:

  • Experience.
  • Authority.
  • Trust.

In other words, does your website have qualified knowledge in a particular skill? Does your website have a solid reputation? And is your website trustworthy? While the individual pages of a website may have and have different EAC scores, Google calculates that they apply to all websites, and that's where blogs can help.

If your website has high-quality blogs on topics relevant to your business, your entire website will enjoy the benefits of that additional experience, authority, and trust. A rising tide lifts all ships. Quality blogs will help the SEO of the rest of your website, which translates into higher positions in organic searches, which becomes higher clicks and conversions.

There are other ways that blogs also help your SEO. One of the most important is the links that other websites provide us. These are important because they make us improve and receive organic traffic that will bring us an incalculable benefit. They are a way of telling search engines how relevant your site is to others. Backlinks are the hardest part to do in SEO because you can't do them yourself - you need someone else to link to your site. Blogs are one of the best ways to get links to our page through the posts or posts we publish, and the data shows that websites with a blog are linked 97% more often than those without.

We can help you grow your blog.

Content strategies are important and should be a vital part of your efforts in your organic digital marketing strategy. But a good blog and a good content strategy are not easy to do. It takes a lot of time, effort, and planning to create a blog that takes advantage of all the proposals described.

If you want to write your own blog, do it! But here at Admagento Media, our team of content experts gives the best SEO Services in India and can help you create great content for your blog and create a content strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Contact us today! We will be happy to help you and help you position your optics in your population.