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The 6 Golden Rules To Improve The User Experience


In Admagento, we are dedicated to web design, to translate the business, identity, and values ??of a brand on a page that is useful to its users and customers. That is why we give maximum importance to the user experience. Today we want to explain how to improve the user experience.

Design For Your Users

An idea may seem wonderful in a creative meeting, but what is held on paper does not always do as development progresses. However, it is possible that we will embrace that idea that does not really fit what the user needs. This can end up causing us to waste time and resources on something unnecessary or even harmful. Luckily, that is easy to avoid with a good test. Does the user want it? Can you use it? If the answer is no, it is something you should eliminate.

It Offers Absolute Clarity

Too many options or an unclear design can cause your user to get stuck in the process and press the close button never to come back. A lost customer and your brand's reputation a bit damaged. With a very strong competition out there, if the user does not quickly understand how to do what he wants to do, he will go elsewhere. That is why we must make it clear to our user how to achieve his goal. The design, colors, contrasts, proportions between elements, and the proximity between them, in addition to the text, must accompany the user on their way.

Give Control To Your Users

Sometimes, the lack of control that many websites and applications give their users can limit the growth and implementation of new ideas. In an eCommerce, for example, giving your users little freedom when using filters and labels can cause them to find the desired product. Look at Amazon and a large number of filters it offers you when you try to find a TV: size, brand, price, format, type of screen ... this control allows your user to customize their experience and reach their goal much faster, which will optimize that user experience you want to offer.

Analyze The Context, Predict And Adapt

The time it takes for a person to make a decision is proportional to the number of options they have. That is called Hick's law. Too many options and the decision will never come analysis paralysis, which in this case may be one less sale. It is not easy, but you must find out what options to present to your user or client on each screen, which decision is relevant at all times. For that, you will need information that A / B tests can provide you, along with heat maps and if you have the tools, big data. Netflix or Spotify have managed to customize the experience of each user, limiting the options presented to their interests, thus annulling the overwhelming users with their huge catalog.

Keep the Consistency

A user will expect that if he performs an action on one page of your website if he does the same on another, the result will be the same. Consistency is a fundamental element for the user experience, especially if your page or your application is large or has many options: your user must learn to use it by repetition. If on one page, the green button is to approve an action; on another, it cannot mean going backward. Maintaining consistency can become complicated as you introduce new elements, but in the long run, consistency will help you retain users.

Treat Your Users As Customers And Vice Versa

Although we can confuse terms, users and customers are not the same. For example, someone can enter an eCommerce to compare some products and then go to buy them from a physical store. If we focus our attention on converting users into customers and then forgetting them, they can have a bad after-sales experience and never come back or leave us a bad review that scares potential customers. If you keep treating them as users, they won't lose that feeling that you take care of them. And if you treat your use as your best customer, maybe one day it will be.

As a web design company, our goal is to make our readers aware and make them understand how to improve the user experience of your website, whether it's custom web development or eCommerce web development! We hope this post helps you. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.