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Quick Methods That Can Attract More Customers To Your Online Store Using SEM


Can customers be attracted to your eCommerce? Yeah right! But for this, you have to be careful with SEO, SEM, and other technical issues that can get you way more customers.

Invest a little time in evaluating and selecting the main keywords in Adwords, on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, in vertical directories, YouTube, etc. When you are clear, Where your audience is, it will be easier for you to define media, campaigns, and investments.

Search if your audience is in Search, Display, Shopping or Remarketing

Evaluate Your Cost Per Conversion

Not having many visits to your online store after conducting an advertising campaign can be considered to have been successful. You must have real information to determine that issue. To do this, mount a dashboard in Analytics where you can see data such as cost, sales, cost per sale, and cost of sale for each of the ads, keywords, etc.

Do you think you can do a visualization exercise and think if your customer will make a recurring purchase or only make a sale? 

In order to establish a cost per click (in a specific SEM campaign), think about whether the customer will have a recurrence or make only one purchase. Depending on the conclusion you draw, you can set a cost per click or a maximum cost per acquisition.

Create Your Adwords Campaigns In A Customer Center

So you can organize and analyze campaigns and ad groups more easily and efficiently. In the customer center, you can manage several Adwords accounts in the same panel using the same data to access the different accounts you have. You can also generate reports from several accounts at once; you can schedule custom tasks at the account, campaign, ad group, word, etc.

Adjust The Costs Per Click In Both Time Slots And Devices

In Adwords, use the dimensions of Adwords and data crossing with analytics to adjust the costs per click in both time slots and different devices. The dimensions of Adwords will allow you to know click and conversion data in time slots, devices, and geographic location to better decant investments.

Structure The Campaigns Maintaining The Taxonomies Of The Web

So you can segment and better measure the categories of products that work, you can measure the keywords, and determine the return on investment (ROI).

Structure Google Shopping Campaigns By Categories

If you do not, you will analyze data in "gross" of how much your ads have converted, but you will not get data from which categories they sell, so you will not be able to prioritize your investments.

The Landing To Which You Direct Users Must Be Perfect

This is just as important or more than the ads themselves. In addition, the level of quality and the Ad Rank, in general, will be subject to what users find when they click on your ad, that is, it is a very important aspect to position your ad and especially to get users to convert and if possible, come back, which is what it is all about. It's no use having an incredibly good ad if you direct users to a badly made landing page.