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How Can Organic SEO be better compared to Paid Google Ads for B2B Businesses?


In B2B the biggest challenge is the marketing budgets and difficulty to promote business and generating leads online, the only alternative is organic search engine optimization or SEO.

B2B (Business to Business) refers to commerce and business between two business or a consumer buying from a business. These transactions are in lesser quantities, but the volume of tickets varies from business to business and can be huge in millions or billions. Retail is a huge organized market as we know is called B2C or Business to consumer.

SEO is the process of improving the traffic towards the company’s website by making it more eminent in search engine results using some specific targeted keywords, backlinking, tagging and content optimization on the website and making website SEO / Search Engine ready or readable.

These organic search engine optimization results in website traffic and generates free leads over a while. It helps you save a great number of marketing funds in traditional advertising or even paid digital advertising.

Google Ads which appear in top 4 search engine results on with the use of Google AdWords or advertisements that appear on other websites through the Google Display Network or Google Double Click (DBM) is costly but drive huge results for products and services clients are looking at.

Most B2B marketers know that SEO is beneficial, but stumble to tackle it because of time and budget constraints, or just simply not knowing where to begin.

SEO can make one of the greatest impacts on lead generation and can conveniently be one of the most cost-effective channels for new lead acquisition.

Whether you are looking at SEO or PPC, your eventual goal is to boost your return on ad spend. It is great to have your paid ads at the top of search results, but ultimately landing under the ads, at the top, free of cost, can cater good, if not better, conversion results.

The first way you find a place, product or services is searching on Google Search or using Google Voice or Siri or Google Home / Alexa services these days. the results we see or hear on these devices are "organic results." generating organic traffic and getting ranked on the first page of Google takes right SEO to practice, persistence and time of at least 6 to 7 months show right results, yes it needs patience, however, it's worth it.

PPC on Google / Facebook can generate instant results, however, many never sustain stable results when the budgets get exhausted, however, SEO may take some patience and investment for 6-8 months to turn around the entire concept of getting leads from the website and saving almost 65% on your paid digital marketing.

Any day organic SEO can be more fruitful compared to paid PPC (Pay Per Click) Google / Facebook / Instagram Ads for B2B business.

Few points to compare :-


  1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Google / Facebook Ads gets traffic on the website only when the budgets are spent and take at least 10 to 20 days to perform after data and machine learning of traffic. However, if an SEO is done 1st your paid ads perform 10 times better and even after PPC budgets are exhausted or a campaign is not live you keep on getting leads from Google Search Engine result page due to sustained ranking on 1st page of Google / Bing etc.
  2. SEO is a practice to submit right info to Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. PPC or Native Ads are paid ads run by Google, Bing, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain or publishers like Columbia Ads Network, etc. using Google Double click and Google AdSense
  3. SEO is depending on the quality of the website, objective like Local, National or Global SEO, however, paid Ads to do the reach as per budgets and there is no guarantee that a click may generate sales leading to a higher cost per acquisition. SEO can start from 50k to 200K depending on business requirements, keywords and locations.
  4. ORM,Content-Based marketing and SEO is a great way to boost traffic and optimize search results and get a ranking, paid ads can never run all year or all time and can’t help a brand establish sustained traffic.
  5. Compared to PPC / Google Ads studies have shown in last 15 years that SEO is more impactful and stable large multi-billion-dollar giants focus on correct SEO strategies to save millions on marketing due to a large range of products services and offerings.
  6. Having your website listed on organic google results and local listing gives higher perceived credibility and impact compared to paid results and ensures consumers to click on organic results on search pages, many users skip paid ads depending on the SERP results based on thecontent shown and the keywords used in the meta description of the website.
  7. Ask a marketer to bet on ROI on SEO compared to PPC and he may say only SEO / right quality of landing page can drive results on PPC CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), it's not money factor but making the right choice first.
  8. Marketeers strategy is always set the right strategy on website,content, and images, this is part of planning under SEO, however a PPC expert may ask for a new landing page, post one PPC click your client may only see the homepage of your website and a huge variance in both can lower your impact and result in no lead conversion. Hence, content-based SEO is the most paramount stuff businesses plan 1st before going on PPC having the right and affordable mix.

Even though Organic SEO is better than Google AdWords in terms of cost and credibility. It’s time to stop thinking about paid vs. organic search as a battle.

Paid campaigns and organic search strategies will likely always have a place in the marketer’s playbook and thinking of them as two competitors are no longer the reality of the digital marketing landscape. It’s a matter of striking the right balance.