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What Is Remarketing And How To Make A Perfect Remarketing Strategy?


Remarketing on both Google and Facebook is an advertising process that involves displaying your website ads to users who have already visited or scrolled through your website.

You have placed an ad for your product or your website in Google Ads, a visitor clicks on it and arrives at your site or landing pages of the product or service you are advertising. Now that the user has officially visited your website, you will see ads for your website on different websites.

It is a very effective campaign model since it is specifically aimed at users interested in their products or services.

The user has already visited your website, which means that the chances of returning after viewing ads on other websites increase exceptionally.

And if you're already advertising on Google, just add a simple remarketing code, and you're ready.

How To Make A Perfect Remarketing Strategy?

  • Remarketing or retargeting of users who have already visited your website is important because it will help you stay connected with the user who was interested enough to navigate your website, now you have to influence that user to go further so that he/she can buy, ask for an appointment or can get a quote from your business.
  • Remarketing on Facebook is also useful because almost everyone who has a phone is on Facebook and sees your ad.

How Does It Really Work?

Facebook Ads is an important branding platform for any business and, similarly, for Facebook remarketing plays a very important role. We have to be clear about what kind of people we want to sell and perform a correct segmentation.

  • To those who have already visited my website.
  • To those who have seen a specific product.
  • To those who have requested a particular service.
  • To those who have sent the contact form.

As you can see, we have many alternatives, which we really have to be clear about what I publish to show our ads again.

It is important to be very clear about the previous point since we now have to take into account the budget we have so that our remarketing campaign is effective, I recommend that you have the following points in mind:

  • Availability of the product to promote.
  • The profitability of the promoted product.
  • Time the promotion will be in use.
  • What does your competition do with the same product?

These are just a few points that you should look for to do a remarketing campaign, and it will help you plan your campaign and what will be the budget that will be necessary.

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