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How Digital is critical for Brands Today ?


Today people love brands. They love been pampered & to be known by the brand they wear or is famous. Today top businesses and leading brand consulting firms understand the value and importance of a Brand Name, it’s exceptionality and importance they have in Industry among their consumers and competitors.

In the old days let’s say ’80s and 90’s Brands were known & first seen on television, newspaper, magazines, and OOH (Hoardings), etc. Traditionally it’s four decades and still few brands have restricted themselves to old traditional advertising and fail to go digital they should have done 7 years back.

Today, there is a whole new generation which is on Internet and maybe there is a huge number we call millennials who have experienced internet on mobile-first rather than old desktops and dial-up connections and modems in the late ’90s, I still miss that noise of the modem when we use to dial-up to connect internet and check a yahoo mail.

Today, people have the power of Internet, imagine the power you have been using Google & Google Maps on a mobile device. On your cellular network on a 3G or 4G ready SIM Card, it will connect you to internet instantly & you can also ask questions by speech or your voice as your phone recognizes you, thanks to OK Google, Siri, and technology.

I am sure you are fond of using “hey google”, “Ok Google” or “hey Siri” or “hey Alexa”, I enjoy these home devices and technology on phone and laptops daily, it’s a luxury to type less these days.

Coming back to the topic of how brands can stay relevant in the Top in the digital age? Few simple however crucial tip’s for Brand Marketers and Advertisers. 1. Digital has 3 levels to interact and engage your audience as mentioned below:-

  • The website & a landing page for paid promotions these are two different sets which can be tracked by tools like Google Analytics to understand consumer behaviour, however, there is a thing called UI/UX like UI is User Interface (our websites/apps) and UX is the User Experience which is about how a user feels and understands about your app in next 3 to 5 seconds , this I shall be explaining in a length in my next blog.
  • Social Media is where your consumers are trying to take a break in this monolithic world. Social is a hangout place, where they spend maximum time these days, yes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, What’s App etc. you need to have your brand page, ready which tells a story and interacts with them and showcase their favourite brands may be apparels, fashion, watches, beauty cosmetics, food, travel or consumer durables.
  • The last and the most important is mobile presence, the gadget they have in hand, at work, in metro, at airport, in bedroom and every time to look at whenever they are free, this generation is called mobileholic, the generation which lives, eats and sleep with a phone which is as good as a personal friend or something they depend on. According to a study by dscout, a typical cellphone user checks or touches his or her phone almost 2617 times daily. Wow, that stat’s is amazing, however, that’s I am talking of an average user, imagine a millennial is using the same phone the usage can go up and the peak of this study says that extreme cell phone users touch their phone more than 5,400 times daily. Here, on cellphones the most game-changing things are apps, they use like social, news, finance, surfing internet watching movies and music on apps like YouTube, Gaana, JioSavan, Youtube, etc. Everyone is luring the consumers with the content on OTT like Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Hungama, Alt Balaji, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

2. When you think the brand is ready with all these aspects like: -

  • A website with proper UI/UX and an SSL is must with T&C, Cookies policy if you are in e-commerce specifically (ensure return & exchange policy).
  • A landing page with a lead funnel and Google Analytics.
  • Then setup your Google AdWords A/C, Facebook & Instagram pages.
  • A presence on LinkedIn is a must for businesses and SMB etc.
  • Twitter pages if you think you are a Twitterati and WhatsApp for business.
  • Creating an Amazon Store / Kindle store if you are a publisher or into distribution sales like retail, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mayntra& Jabong are the marketplaces too.

3. Once all these things are ready you need a social media strategy like: -

  • What should be your creatives like?
  • What story do I want to share on social?
  • What creates more impact on my product or services? like images, content
  • How to get more traffic from social and conversion’s

Now, here you need a creative agency which knows social, digital, creatives, websites and even about offline... For ideas on putting your clients at the front and centre of your marketing method, get in touch with an Admagneto Media LLP specialist today to understand more about Branding on Digital Media.