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What Should Be The Size Of Instagram Photos?


Instagram has become the most important social network for not a few sectors. Fashion, restoration, travel, you name it. The power that a good photo can have is extraordinary, and the success of this app has proven it. For many, it is the pillar on which their online communication strategy stands. That is why today we want to talk about the measures that your ads should have on Instagram.

Being a social media agency in Delhi, we know that Not only for the ads, but it is also important that all the images that we upload to social networks (and more on Instagram, where the information depends practically only on what is seen in the photo) fit the indicated size, edit them! Otherwise, you risk that part of the message is cut, that the photo seems unbalanced, or that because the wrong resolution is blurred or pixelated.

The Size Of The Instagram Profile Picture

The Instagram profile picture is a curious animal since, despite being one of the main letters of introduction, you can barely expand it. Anyway, it is better to be as big as possible with a resolution of 180x180 or even 110x110, and it should be enough to make it look good on all devices.

 Photos Size On Instagram

The size in which our publications will be displayed depends more on the device on which they are displayed than on what we upload. It is a decision that depends more on the platform itself than on us. However, we can maintain some control over the format.

It's been a while since Instagram stopped limiting itself to the square format to embrace vertical and horizontal photographs. If you want to make sure that you do not lose quality and nothing is cut, you must upload them with the following measures, although they are surely shown with a somewhat smaller size:

  • Vertical photos: 1080x1250px
  • Horizontal photos: 1080x566px
  • Square photos: 1080x1080px

 Instagram Videos Size

The case of the videos is similar to the photos, whose real resolution will depend on the device in which it is seen, to which we must add the connection that has the person who sees it (it can lose quality in slower connections).

However, if you want to maximize the result the sizes should be:

  • Horizontal videos: 600x315px (1.91: 1 format)
  • Vertical videos: 600x750px (4: 5 format)
  • Square videos: 600x600 (1: 1 format)

Also, remember that the maximum duration of a video on Instagram is 60 seconds.

Photos And Videos Size Instagram Stories

It's been more than two years since Instagram copied Snapchat without any shame (Facebook, owner of Instagram, had tried to buy this app without success, so he decided to copy it almost by heart) and at this time it has become one of its biggest successes, allowing you to have a greater reach than many normal publications.

If you want to bet on this self-destructive format, these are your sizes:

  • Instagram Stories Photos: 750x1334px
  • Instagram Stories videos : 750x1334px

 Instagram Ads Photos And Videos Size

According to the information provided by Facebook for Instagram ads, our photos and videos should have:

  • Minimum width of 500px.
  • A minimum aspect of 4: 5 and a maximum of 1.91: 1.
  • Maximum weight of 30 megabytes.

Also, remember that the maximum length of the copy must be 2200 characters and that you cannot include more than 30 hashtags.

We are your “social media experts for hire," and we hope this post has served to clarify your doubts about Instagram and Instagram Ads.