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9 SEO Tips For Your Real Estate Website To Attract Organic Traffic


When potential customers are looking for a local business or service provider, they are likely to see several maps with different Google My Business pages.

How To Set Up Google My Business

  • First, go to Once you have entered, start filling in the information:
  • Make sure the profile is 100% completed and updated with your real estate information:
  • The exact location of where you are from Google Map
  • Opening and closing hours.
  • Their website.
  • Phone number.
  • Description of your real estate services.
  • Photos of your physical premises.

Primary and secondary categories (real estate, sales of houses and premises, rental of houses and villas, purchase of houses for sale in Madrid, Getafe, Leganes, etc.)

Make sure your NAP + W (name, address, telephone number, and site web) is complete and always be the same format that appears in the rest of your real estate information on the Web.

Google positions a maximum of three companies for local searches such as "real estate close to me," and favors the companies that provide more information or detail about their business. If you use the correct format, the people who visit the information space of your real estate company can call directly by simply clicking on the number.

Finally, be sure to use the Shema or structured data markup, so Google knows the important information. Google recognizes certain elements of the Schema, such as telephone and address, and uses them to check the accuracy of Google My Business information.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the first steps that any local company should take to improve its local web positioning. The local search ecosystem may seem like a complicated network of sites, directories, and social platforms.

Important: make sure that the information you submit is 100% accurate and matches the NAP that appears on your website. Google will at some point, use this information to validate its own data.

Add Schema Dialing

The Schema is a way of structuring the code of your site so that you can tell Google what kind of information on your website. For example, you can have a table that describes a property, which has fields for the price of the house, bedrooms, bathrooms, square meters of the house, etc. By using SChema, you can make that table more "friendly" to Google, and more likely to appear in the eye-catching Google snippets "rich snippets" or in the instant responses.

Studies show that pages that use this information get 20-25% more click on the related search or main keywords.

So how is it implemented? There are two ways to implement the marking on a real estate website.

  • The first is through code to implement all the information on your main website to mark as a real estate.
  • Second, mark the properties themselves.

Have Quality Reviews And Upload Speed On Your Website

According to Google, 90% of consumers read comments before visiting a business, and 72% of consumers will take only action only after reading a positive comment.

The reviews left by our online customers not only help establish trust (critical for conversions) but is now a very weighted local ranking factor:

If you have many satisfied customers, make sure they put these opinions on Google, Facebook as they will make friends acquaintances be your customers in the future.

SEO on-pages refers to the optimization that you make to the content of a website to help Google understand its relevance for the keywords of the real estate sector or specific search topic, such as "House in Delhi," "Rent in Delhi," etc

This optimization includes titles, the text of your website, links, keywords, etc.

Conduct A Proper Investigation Of Keywords To The Real Estate Sector

The search for keywords in the real estate sector can be the aspect that does not pay much attention or is overlooked in an SEO strategy. It is crucial to understand the search intent of your potential customers.

Performing a good and thorough search for keywords, will allow us to segment and impact only potential clients looking for our services or real estate in a very specific way, this allows us to optimize our budgets if we do pay to advertise, since we will only appear at people who are looking for the keywords that we are interested in positioning.

Keywords largely determine which potential customers find us through the search. Consider it potentially free traffic only if done correctly.

Deepen The Long Keyword Tail To Position Your Real Estate In The Top Positions Of Google

The keywords, generally in the real estate sector, can be divided into two categories:

  • Main keywords or keywords.
  • Long-tail or long-tail keywords.

If you expect to be on page 1 of Google for terms like this, you will have to overcome or unseat a ton of sites already positioned and with high authority. If your agency is uprooted, you should have a clear SEO strategy to start positioning yourself organically with time and patience.

Traffic to the main keywords represents about 18% of total searches and is generally not high conversion. What that means is that people who are looking for real estate services or houses and villas do not have a high intention to buy - they could be looking for news, a definition, an article on Wikipedia, or anything else.

Although sometimes it is so!

That's where the optimization of the long tail or long-tail keywords comes into play.

About 70% of Google search searches are for long-tail keywords. These are keywords such as: buy a 4-bedroom house in Delhi or flat with terrace for rent in Delhi.

Normally, the longer the queue (words have) of the keyword, the greater the search intention it covers. And, high-intention keywords convert better:

To be able to compete with the big search engines, the local real estate companies usually position themselves for the specific keywords and with more words that cover the local needs, this makes a lot of sense since a Delhi real estate company is interested in finding it on Google for searches of the properties that you have in Delhi and do not appear for the generic searches of “buy apartment”.

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Optimize Page Elements

Creating a local SEO strategy to position your real estate is different from creating a national SEO strategy or positioning plan.

First, as we have said before, you must ensure that the NAP of your business that appears in Google My Business (name, address and telephone number) and your website or any review, is identical for Google to identify your real estate and position it Better for when potential customers look for them.

You want to use the name of the autonomous community, city, or town in the labels of the titles of your posts in the meta-descriptions and the body of the text so that Google understands where your representative real estate website is at the geographical level.

Use Schema to highlight the data markup, and this will help to position yourself locally and serves as a reference for search engines, allowing robots to index the content of your website correctly in the main search engines such as Google and Bing.

This action is especially important in real estate if you want to ensure that all your publications are indexable and have an XML sitemap. Without it, you cannot take advantage of the incredible SEO value of this tool.

Create Quality Content And Not Just Commercial

The real estate sector is not characterized by having Web with content that informs or resolves the doubts of potential clients, rather all the content of the Web-only focus on sales, sales, and more sales.

It is true that clients are looking for a real estate website with a lot of real estate to buy or rent in their area of ??influence, but this is not what only clients are looking for since you can contribute knowledge and experience in the real estate sector.

Get your customers to visit your website on a recurring basis because they know that they regularly publish information on the real estate or related sector such as mortgages, land value, etc. These actions help to position your website in an organic way.

The creation of impressive content that educates, informs, and involves consumers throughout the client's entire life cycle will be a requirement for any company that seeks to survive for decades to come.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

According to mobile marketing, "89% of new home buyers use a mobile search engine from the beginning and throughout their market research." For almost half of these buyers, they perform the first search to make purchases on their mobile.

Google has signaled the shift towards mobile indexing - first, they will start using the mobile view to determine both mobile and desktop ratings. As always, you are playing the Google game.

A handful of these tips are enough for a startup to grow as a brand in real estate. We hope these tips will help in any way possible. Admagento Media is a digital marketing agency that has clients ranging from real estate agents to educational institutions. With experience in web positioning and development of marketing plans dedicated to their clients, this firm is one of the best Web Design and Development Company in India.