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Steps To Make Your Tweet Viral On Twitter


Twitter is a dynamic social network of microblogging, with a fresh look and positioned as the social media platform up to date with news or events. Users regularly follow the pages to be informed and updated on what happens in the world of sports, technology, economy, etc.

Like other social networks, Twitter has its own functionality or target group and also has its own rules to implement a strategy that is effective. Therefore, below are steps to plan a strategy on Twitter. Do not miss it if you want to have a presence in this social network!

Step # 1: Considerations

Before entering into the matter of planning a strategy on Twitter, we must take into account some considerations, such as that of the user profile, which some authors say that the majority are men between 33 and 44 years old, while others differ in that the age is between 21 and 33. Surely that data changes between countries, so it is convenient to consult it before starting to make a social media plan with tweets. 

In addition, it is important to consider statistics for the strategy to be effective.

  • Tweets with images get 18% more clickthroughs, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets.
  • The day with the highest clickthrough rate is Wednesday.
  • 60% of consumers expect brands to answer their questions within 1 hour.
  • 100 characters are the ideal length of a tweet.
  • The types of tweets that exist also have to be considered to vary in the publications that are made because there are from questions or quotes to links where blogs or presentations are shared.

The schedules are also important, as well as shorten the links and use hashtags that are in trend to have greater reach.

Step # 2: Plan The Strategy

This step for the rest of social networks is easy because you have to think about the publications, images, and links, but on Twitter, it works differently, it is not about having everything planned, ready to program, but you must leave a space to be flexible and publish at the moment what the public is interested in as it happens that the tweet you thought someone already did or is not relevant and even inopportune.

While it is necessary to establish the minimum and a maximum number of tweets (which should not be one or two) and create a calendar as part of the strategy, indicating the date, time, image, text, and link (if applicable), there are to leave a little at the moment. That is in life; It is what makes the strategy on Twitter close and human, so you have to be attentive to the topics of the day, popular hashtags, and enter the conversation in a natural way.

Step # 3: Plan The Way You Work

One thing is the strategy and another very different way of working, so in addition to planning the content, you have to think about how you will act to get more followers. The community manager or Twitter specialist should plan how they will get followers but also have to look for influencers to follow, brands, organizations, clients, etc. and you also have to be constantly on Twitter watching trends, performing retweets, responding and tweeting frequently.

Step # 4: Automate

Although it may seem that Twitter is going to consume your time, this is not the case, and marketing automation tools allow you to schedule tweets that have been left on the calendar and are published with some frequency. The only thing left is to follow up.

Marketing automation will allow you to easily share the content of your blog or a link to a website; that way, you get more visits and conversions.

In 4 steps, you can summarize how to plan a strategy on Twitter that will allow you to duplicate your followers and be the most famous twitter in your industry. Follow each step!