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5 Reasons Why Great Branding Matters


The importance of the brand lies in its ability to sell more and better. Products, companies, are elements that are represented by a brand in order to be identified and remembered among the different options. A sound, pretentious, and memorable brand will allow business development, growth, and continuity. A good brand is one that evokes an emotion and helps us make a buying decision.

#1 Great Branding Builds Trust

Trust is a matter of reputation, and this is generated when customers and the brand share in some way the way of seeing life. We trust those brands that have a good reputation because the Storytelling that the company transmits through Communication and Marketing coincides with the way we see things. If you have not given visibility to your brand, it is impossible that there is trust, impossible that there are sales, impossible for the business to be viable.

#2 Great Brands Offers Unique Image

A good brand is one that has been created and developed to convey a series of values that benefit the company. These values will depend on the positioning of the products, the company, and the brand. A good brand is one that offers a unique image, transmits unmistakable values , and generates an emotional bond with your client.

#3 Great Brands Influence Our Purchasing Decisions

Branding is a process of building the brand image that takes into account who we are, what we do, and how we do it. And we started with "what we are" because Branding is fundamentally a process of building bonds of trust between us and our target audiences (potential customers, internal audiences, prescribers). The importance of the brand and Branding in business management is enormous. Branding also takes into account the perception that these audiences have of our brand. It makes no sense to think that the purchase decision is based on our projected image and the experiences of our customers and forget about this second part in the process of construction and management of our brand.

#4 Great Branding Makes The Customer Fall In Love

If the objective is to achieve an emotional bond that can be represented in the brand, the Branding process must follow a methodology that guarantees the success of the business. Of course, the process is not simple. Born as we said in the office of the head of Branding, analysis, and reflection to find what we "are" as a company, and that will connect us with our customers. There are very few companies that get that true engagement (emotional bonding) with their customers. The difference between the companies that fall in love and those that only sell is that people buy from our emotional system and not from the rational system. Most decisions correspond to an irrational perception that is based on intangible attributes and the confidence that this is the best possible purchase.

#5 Great Branding Finds The Highest Possible Visibility

The visibility of a new brand will depend on the resources that we allocate to Marketing and Corporate Communication. Think that all the money you invest in making your brand known will accelerate the process of attracting new customers. Most companies, especially when they are small, do not worry about the launch and entrust all the effort to their sales teams. The problem is that when the commercials come to sell, nobody knows your brand, and nobody trusts it.

Do Not Doubt The Importance Of The Brand

After all this, we hope you are convinced of the importance of the brand in your business. Not only from the point of view of public representation through packaging, stores, posters, web, signage, but as an element that tells a story and allows your customers to create a mental positioning that helps them make purchasing decisions. The importance of the brand lies in its ability to synthesize an entire universe in an image or in a name that would otherwise be difficult to tell. When you hear the names of the world's leading brands or see their logos somewhere, that conveys many ideas, many experiences, and many emotions. It does not mean that all of them are good, some will be bad, precisely because the management of the brand, of that brand that generates bad emotions in you, has not been correct. That is why you should not leave your mark in inexperienced hands, nor think that it is just a logo. It is much more, it is a strategic issue, and you must manage it responsibly if you want your business to succeed.