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9 SEO Hacks to Rank High in 2022 and Beyond


Nearly 50% of all searches worldwide will be coming from the voice search performed using virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. So, you better start focusing on creating pieces of content that answer questions about your niche; products, and services.


Use the Skyscraper Technique

Find blog posts or any content that ranks high on Google’s first page. See how you can improve the pieces of content you’ve found—can you create more thorough content? Create a better version of the pieces of content you’ve found and ensure that you stick to the same topic and keywords. Publish that article and share it on social media platforms for the world to see.


Master Search Intent

Creating content that can match the search intent of a user is necessary for 2022 because content that doesn’t correspond to the search intent of a user doesn’t have any chances of ranking in SERPs. Remember that the better you cater to the search intent of users, the better your web pages will rank.


Publish Blog Posts with Long-Tail Keywords

Publishing content with long-tail keywords can help you get that sale instead of letting it slip to your competitors. They can be question-based searches that your target audience is using.


Scatter Your Homepage Link Authority

You do this by adding links to other important web pages, that you want to rank, in the body of your homepage. Also, it’s the web page that gets a substantial amount of organic backlinks – links from people referencing your content in their own web pages.


Optimize Your Website Footer

Ensure that the anchor texts are descriptive and correspond to the search terms that people use to find the content they need. You can also link to your top value-added web pages, such as your cornerstone blog posts and other resource pages.

Do Guest Blogging

It is only a great avenue to get highly relevant and top-quality backlinks for your website, but it can also open doors of opportunities for people to know you and your brand. With guest blogging, you can leave links pointing back to your site – these links can be encouraging people to take advantage of your free offer in exchange for their email addresses so you can subscribe them to your newsletter.

Apply Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a coding standard for publishers to make web pages look stripped down and simple on their mobile devices. The primary goal of AMP is to make your web pages load quickly on mobile devices. AMP also removes the clunkiness of mobile-responsive pages.


Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

A responsive website requires a design that goes well with all of the devices used in online search – desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Ensuring that your website is mobile responsive may be more of an SEO best practice that should be checked regularly than a simple SEO hack. 


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Is your business prepared with everything that 2022 brings? With all of the constantly evolving challenges and changes in search engine algorithms and digital marketing, providing yourself with effective SEO hacks can give you the breakthrough you want.

Prepare your website with the challenges that the search engines and digital market may bring this 2022. So, make sure to apply these useful SEO hacks as soon as you can.

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