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5 Major social media content ideas for less predictable posts


As a social media marketing company based in India, we think it's critical to evolve along with social media. While there's no cause to publish the content you engage most with or develop, but, this predictable technique to social media marketing can somewhat hold back you to attain your goals. Well, it's about time to get more engagement. This year, for the very first time, from the Social media Marketing Industry Report, it was revealed that the problem online marketers most want to be addressed is, "What are the best ways to engage my audience?" Social Media Marketing Patterns in 2019 Let's ground ourselves with a fast sweep of a few of the result concerning social media marketing patterns:

  • The top dog is, of course, Facebook with 94% user base.
  • Instagram has ended up being the 2nd most crucial social platform with 73% user base amongst online marketers.
  • Twitter use has actually decreased. 59% report using Twitter, so it's barely unimportant, yet it took a hit this previous year. Just 4% claim Twitter is their central platform.
  • LinkedIn's high up on the B2B radar. In general, LinkedIn ranks 4th at 58%. Keep in mind, amongst B2B online marketers, LinkedIn ranks 2nd behind Facebook.
  • YouTube is the leading video channel used by online marketers. 71% of online marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube.

These were the top 5, and regarding others, there is Pinterest which was increased to 28%. So these are the platform you need to post your content / creative regularly on to engage more audience.

It's time to get creative.

It is a universal fact that sharing your content and curating extra content you consider important has actually been staples in the social media marketing mix mainly because it is simple, totally free, and fast. And, if you have made an effort needed to earn in your specific niche, your fans most likely value the suggestions your content make.

Keeping this in mind, avoid the daily avalanche of "read this" posts, in the interest of increasing engagement and now is the time to get imaginative and experiment with various ideas.

Communicate with "ask me" events

Increase your popularity to connect with fans using a live chat or webinar-style video developed to share your professional insights. Think about making a series where you can reveal something which almost rare among others or something new.

Offer it up with "takeovers."

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Now, this is rare but is effective. Invite someone who is working under the same niche as you are allowing him/her to take over your social media feed. Now, keep in mind, this is not collaboration. Lots of brand names SEO India rank have actually discovered that handing off their social account to some other influencer, partner or star can broaden and draw a whole new crowd to them by presenting a fresh voice and brand-new content.

Make bite-sized content

Once again, think big but keep in small. It's good that you have now got an idea/method to engage your audience, but you don't have to use it all at once. Many content online marketers know the art and practice of repurposing content. Parlay the idea to content ideas and social media can come flying forth.

Think about any significant piece of content you have developed: an eBook, post, infographic, video, podcast, and so on. Extract a little-- and intriguing-- part of it to share using your social channels.

Take your video camera backstage. One secret to engagement is making an individual connection. Now, you don’t have to try this method if you’re a startup. If there is a considerable amount of followers on each of your social media handles, only then try this.

Understand that your business consists of individuals that can help you to develop a reliable brand name. Honest "behind the scenes" take a look at your company are simple to make, and it will help you to “humanize” your brand name.