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Digital is the wildfire which has enraged the information across multiple devices, like computers, PDA, Tablets, Mobiles, IOT Devices, Chromecast, Google Home, Voice Search, Alexa, Siri, Android TV, Digital Display Kiosks, etc. Boost your brands' awareness across the devices with a touch of a click and tools like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Columbia Ads.

& Competitor

Digital Ads are more interactive, exactly targeted, controllable compared to traditional media. It can be optimized, planned and run as per business goals & targets of your brand to create an incremental reach over your competitors and drive better ROI using both digital & traditional media.

Design &

Digital online Ad campaigns, requires exquisite creative & media planning to generate unique reach among the audience to keep them engaged with fresh ideas. The idea is to effectively reach out to targeted audience while the branding is seen online, and consumer clicks to buy or fill a form. At the same time, we infuse a viral effect into the campaign creative and copywriting to make the impact even better.

Online Media
Planning & Buying

Effective Media planning is core to any advertising campaign, it's done to select the different medium of media, to broaden the reach and coverage of campaigns & interacting with the audience at multiple avenues to ensure brand uplift + conversions via interactions. We ensure correct placement, portals, publishers to create the right mix for your brand, targeting the right demographics for your brand.

Online Ads
& Optimization

It requires experience, insight, and candour to manage complex media platforms like Google, DBM, Programmatic, Facebook Business Manager & various tools to build, launch and optimize the ads to drive interactions & clicks ensuring reaching right audience to drive sales. We have experienced analyst who manages, observers consumer behaviour and optimize the campaigns to drive traffic on online media.

& Reporting

Every click or impression tracked on Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel is as good as $ save on future research. Data is the new oil as we say, every interaction on your portal records the trends and user interests, differentiating them categorically. At AdMagneto Media we believe it's important to track the users' data to understand the patters.