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Generate New Traffic for your website with Best Local SEO Agency in Chandigarh Mohali

Your business is making money, that's great! But what about its online presence? Are you getting enough traffic and leads on your website? See, the point is your business website, along with its products and services, will be left unseen by the audience who are majorly present at different online platforms. To avoid this, your business website must be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) which means that if people search the products or anything related to what your business offers, your website must come on top. 

SEO is the supreme effective tool that improves your online business exposure and brings your site to the first page of the leading search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Being the Best SEO Agency in Chandigarh Mohali , AdMagneto Media provides all the services your website needs so that it can score above others in every aspect of getting countless leads and organic clients.

We have experience of 15 plus years into digital media agency, and we would continue exceeding expectations on SEO & Digital Media Consulting. Our Local SEO Experts will first deeply examine and audit your website and social media and therein we start SEO work that will undoubtedly give your business the much-appreciated growth it deserves. It doesn't matter to us if you are a start-up or a huge company, we cater to each of our clients with that same value and time they need to grow and prosper digitally.

Top SEO Company in Chandigarh Mohali

With the expertise of handling different types of clients industry-wise along with managing proper business growth via online presence, AdMagneto Media LLP is a renowned top SEO company in Chandigarh Mohali. Formed by SEO experts (Ex- Google), we are always eager to make our services & business idea's to gain traffic on your website and social media. Your online business, e-commerce, or any other kind of website needs to have visitors that are searching for products and services similar to what your brand has to offer. Our blogs and content marketing and social media posting shall help your products to get more views to your online audience. All of this creates a successful growth, for your business and our existing clients know and trust our expertise extremely well.

Get the top ranking on the SERP’s. Let your business be seen by a simple web search that includes the keyword "near me". We make things happen in real-time easily.


AdMagneto Media LLP is the best Local SEO company in Chandigarh Mohali , we can help revamp your site based on Google's frequent algorithm changes to make it search engine friendly, refresh the content and improve it to make it best for the SEO Ranking. SEO consists, content marketing, after all, Google still crawls your website and reads your content to rank you. Hence, be content savvy, do SEO and boost your website ranking and traffic and get free leads.

Benefits of SEO at AdMagneto: Top SEO Company in Chandigarh Mohali

Top Ranking: Improve the position and ranking of your website on Google. Increase the traffic of your potential audience next to your competitors & grow the volume of your business with free leads.

Effective Keywords: We identify the search keywords suitable for the business by search volume tools, your competition, your Google Webmaster and AdWords Search Console. By optimizing the source code of the web & indexing on Google we help you rank higher.

User- Friendly Websites: Advertising on Google Ads & other social platforms like Facebook / Instagram, we design creatives & outstanding ads that sells. We design Websites with UI / UX that is more conversion-friendly & attracts more audience.

100% Result Oriented SEO Agency in Chandigarh Mohali . Get a Free Website Audit Report & Generate!

Our Services

PPC Ads | Google Ads | Google Analytics | Google Webmaster

Most critical aspects of any PPC Ads are known to only those experts who have a pedigree of learning the skills at the core, we are a team of (EX-Google, Ex-Facebook, Ex-Taboola, Ex- GroupM), we have the experts who have experience of years across domains, industries, and verticals. We only hire the best in the industry to benchmark the quality like no other has and we match the expertise of local business and seasonality knowledge gain by our Principal Consultant and Managing Partners which is phenomenal at the core while advertising.

Our most important objectives are defining an optimal strategy exhaustive insight on demographics and competitor analysis. Understanding Sector-specific campaigns demand and budgets analysis


We do A/B testing on search keywords & test our best performing creatives on display ads, which will serve as pillars for the construction of the new digital strategy. Besides, we always look up at our clients to add their broad vision that will help us to understand their exact requirements for PPC campaigns.

Whether you want to get organic site traffic or want to produce paid leads, with Pay Per Click, you can run your advertisements in the peak time of sales and can pause it when you do not need it.

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Social Network Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | LinkedIn Ads | Twitter Ads | B2B Ads Campaigns | Political Ads Campaigns | Influencer Content Marketing & ROI Driven Campaigns

We have certified & well-experienced specialists on Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads & Business Manager platforms, PPC & Influencers Network on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter. This allows us to manage the latest technological changes and adapting to new updates on our clients' campaigns and strategies to obtain the best results and lower the impact of algorithm updates etc. 

The greatest value of Social Media Ads is the impact it creates when people are not searching but discovering a product or services, due to peer networks your advertising impact not only reaches an exact audience, however similar audience in the same network, giving your higher impressions and reach. Thanks to the social network architecture wireframes, the campaigns now can be targeted to a specific market niche and demography. 

Our team consists of people who come from almost every major top tier digital companies in India and abroad. It is simply a great team, and that's why our customers trust us of the high-value inputs we create. Facebook and Instagram Advertisements are not marketing tools; they are also an essential channel for developing brand name awareness. 

Being the top Facebook marketing agency in Chandigarh Mohali , we can assist you in growing your followers thoroughly with relevant people on your social media network pages that will increase organic likes and show the strength and love of your consumers towards your brand.

Programmatic Ads | Google Double Click | Taboola | Outbrain | Media Exchange | Columbia Ads | In-App Advertising

Internet is the new avatar of advertising It has become the new oxygen; it is paramount that any campaigns or branding can check their real-time reach & impressions and drive sales by digital PPC / CPM model. The programmatic advertising is an advanced version of media buying and bidding on the most niche available inventories to target the specific or niche audience in the market for any marketing team this is the most expansive tool to work around.

At AdMagneto, we are experts in digital marketing and buying media on programmatic advertising; we build and trust our acumen on niche publisher inventories we research upon. We provide robust programmatic marketing abilities that offer us the ability to help advertisers reach their target market throughout a range of media mobile, desktop and cross platforms. With programmatic ads media buying, marketers are not simply paying for clicks and views; they also get access to specific niche consumer groups

YouTube Ads | YouTube Brand Awareness Campaigns | YouTube Mastheads | YouTube Reserve Media Campaigns | YouTube Instream Ads | YouTube Bumper Ads | YouTube Hero Ads | YouTube Content Creators | YouTube Ad Films | Facebook Ads Films | Digital Ad Films | Video Ad Films Production & Shoots | YouTube SEO

YouTube is the most used video viewing and publishing network on the Internet. Not only that, but it is also the 2nd search engine after Google Search. Every day more than 4 million videos are played on YouTube, and every month, there are one billion users consuming content on this platform.

To boost your business online, YouTube videos need to be appropriately shared on all the social media networks platforms, websites, and so on. For this, at AdMagneto Media LLP, we carry out a specific video syndication strategy of video marketing.

Our experts bring you or your brand name in the audience by creating cost-effective and strong keywords & titles for your video to promote your YouTube video.

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Choose What Matters to Your Business & Do things That Matter the Most to Your Consumers

What makes us different from other digital marketing agencies in Chandigarh Mohali is the fact that we cut through the transparency process – everything we do is done from an agency owner's point of view and is straight connected to improving your web existence. No corporate jargon, no "trickery." Our techniques are rooted in analytics and information, and we have the knowledge and innovation to show clients what's working and what's not.

Influencer Marketing | Social Network Influencer Marketing | Content Marketing | Creatives | Animation | Blogs | YouTubers | Content Creators | Instagram Influencers

Influencer Marketing is an essential part of the communication strategy of the most powerful brands in the world. Getting visibility on social networks and building a faithful community on these platforms are some of the advantages of working with influencers. Although Influencer Marketing has exceptional performance in several sectors, we find four markets in which its effectiveness stands out.

At AdMagneto, our top-rated and most sought after creators ensure that your results, data, and profile are aligned with the needs of your campaign and influencers strategy through a thorough analysis that we reflect in an influencer profile document.

We take into account all the aspects that are worked on in the campaign to generate a contract with the influencers in which we transfer them:

This information helps the social influencer to create the best possible collaboration, and in turn, we give them enough freedom to include all the information naturally and adapt the content to their community. Our digital experts and our technology help brands and advertising agencies save costs and time in their influencer's campaigns by managing the 360 ​​degrees of the process.

Blogs/Content Development | Website Content | Blog Content | Video Script | Advertising Copy | Copywriting | Hoarding Copywriting | Newspaper Ads Copywriting | Video Script Copywriting

Being the best content marketing company in Chandigarh Mohali , AdMagneto Media provides content of Blogs, Portals, Newspapers, Magazines, Companies, Online Stores, Digital Agencies and SEO, to help our clients get the best original content on the web which is provided by an attentive and reliable team, and a strategically that values ​​the quality of the commercial relationship and the service above all.

  • Increase visits
  • Improve SEO positioning
  • Increase sales
  • Improve the image of your company
  • Fresh content on your social networks
  • Quality Contents
  • 100% original
  • Optimized for SEO
  • We upload the content to your website
  • We publish it on your Social Networks
  • The posts we write today will remain valid tomorrow, and inbound links to our domain will continue to generate traffic for years. If we compare it with the much shorter, even ephemeral life of a tweet, it is clear that investing in a blog is profitable.

    The main idea of ​​a blog is to create harmony with the user to whom it is addressed, with its target audience. And if that interest arises, start sharing on social platforms. Hence the importance of including buttons to make it easier for the reader to share it on the main social networks or even to disseminate them in their own blog. AdMagneto customizes every customer's content marketing technique to their particular needs, so whether you're seeking to increase brand name awareness or looking for a considerable increase in sales, AdMagneto is your one-stop-shop content marketing partner

    Website/Landing Page | User Interface | User Experience | UI/UX | Wireframing

    Landing pages are pages that have no purpose other than to seek to convert people using a call to action. Whether it is an invitation to download an eBook, try a product or service for a few days or any other offer that looks attractive, usually the idea behind this is to "hook" people with a low-risk offer and in exchange for which we can obtain some contact information that allows us to have a greater knowledge of the possible client and their needs. Thus, in addition to being able to establish frequent communication with it (which in most cases occurs via email marketing), we can better focus our messages depending on the type of call to action or offer to which the person has applied (and which as mentioned above can be created several), and even continue to move towards the purchase by making other offers that make them feel more secure and confident in relation to the product or service we offer and thus eliminate any barriers that may inhibit the purchase.

    Our experts keep the following things in mind in order to create effective landing pages:

    Designs that presents content in an orderly manner

    Provide Clear Information, Less Flashy Texts, More Direct, and Specific Content.


    Videos that improve the quality of the content

    Quality Images

    Mobile Apps & UI/UX Designing

    We create user interface designs for mobile applications. Our user interfaces strike a balance between usability, function, and visual appeal. We help our customers not only to create attractive products, but also to improve the competitiveness of their brand, design, and increase user participation.

    Whether you have a B2B or B2C application, digital service, or a product interface, you are looking to improve an existing platform or build from scratch, our design service offers:

    Our goal with the design is to create a quality user experience with intuitive navigation and clear design. To create a mobile application that is easy to use, we adhere to best practices and follow common design standards. As a result, you get a product that meets the needs of your users and achieves your business goals.

    From the Design and Development of mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad to multiple Android devices, we offer complete mobile development services and create quality and cost-effective products. The mobile applications we create are high-performance, secure, and reliable.

    E- Commerce Marketing | E – Commerce Optimization

    Whether you want to create your own online store or any other e-commerce platform, as if you already have it created and you don't get anything happening in it, and you are in Chandigarh Mohali or anywhere in India, you will need us. No matter how complicated it is to develop your idea or how difficult the sector is, if your project is based on a good foundation, our experts can make it happen.

    We have already given our help and our support for the development of many of our e-commerce clients. Here, the study depth of your proposal of value, your environment of the market, and your own competition must be learned at great cost.

    Good planning of e-commerce will have a complete analysis of the situation in which we find ourselves so that our clients can determine both real objectives and measures or marketing actions best to employ to achieve them In addition to a strong and robust strategy, we will need the development or optimization of a usable and intuitive platform where you can offer the best shopping experience to its users, turning the visits that reach your online store into customers.

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    Media Planning

    A digital media planning campaign is not just about deciding on what medium and support an advertiser should appear for their customers to see or, better yet, buy, whether the product or service offered. Therefore the importance of good digital media planning is to select the best medium where it is much more convenient to appear, the best support, the best location, a good negotiation of economic conditions, and a good frequency of exposure in the channels digital.

    The sum of all this, within a good online marketing plan, results in good online media planning for a company. But, more important than this, is that the advertiser perceives that the appearance in these media brings good results. If these results are not perceived, we are not doing well at all.

    At AdMagneto Media, we know that creating and launching a successful digital media campaign is a process with ups and downs, with successes (the most) and with some failure (the least). At the end of the campaign, according to the results obtained and the desired expectations, it will be the same clients who assess whether the work has been worthwhile or, on the contrary, not and decide to find a new agency that better meets their required needs.

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    Media Buying in Chandigarh Mohali

    Through our experience and specialization in international campaigns, we are able to offer the best media mix for each client. We guarantee the best media buying process, the best negotiation, the highest profitability, the reservation of spaces, and the automated purchase of both traditional and digital media.

    Television & cinema: We help to ensure that our clients reach maximum coverage and impact with their spots. We work from the big national chains around the world that offer great coverage to the provincial, regional, and local that allow for segmenting the hearings.

    Internet: Thanks to technology, it is possible to optimize the client's budget to the maximum and impact Internet users, obtaining the best results. As every day there are more people connected to the Internet. We manage online campaigns Premium & Display, Mobile, Video, RTB Program, Social Media, Content Marketing, Emailing, SEM, SEO, etc.

    Press: Massive medium that penetrates all segments of society, its coverage reaches a diverse and wide audience. The press is still the main medium for many advertisers whom we help find the most similar medium wherever it is to impact their target. Exterior: It allows different combinations, coverage, frequency, impact, and interaction with other media.

    How can a digital marketing agency help your business?

    Taking all of the above into consideration, the digital marketing agency is of vital importance if what you are looking for is to publicize your products and / or services. Unfortunately, in a local business, the templates are limited, and the times are tight, so the recommendation is always to outsource the areas in which we are not experts. Digital marketing is usually one of them.

    And why the last name "local"? These digital marketing agencies specialize in SEO or local positioning, a branch of online promotion that focuses its efforts on a strategy that makes its customers visible in a nearby environment: the right one for a business.

    Thus, a small business has no interest in appearing in the searches of potential customers throughout the country, but in those that occur within a short distance of where the store is located, so that the user can meet their needs in their business at the moment.

    This is achieved by agencies specializing in local positioning through techniques of this sector, such as geolocated Google ads, listings in directories and portals, the promotion of positive comments and reviews, blog posts, and optimization of the Google My Business among other techniques.

    We are the best SEO Company in Noidawho is trying to “democratize” the online promotion. We are making it possible for any business with interest to reach their customers through the Internet, we can do so without large budgets and without the need to give up the quality of a job well done.

    Awarded Top 50 Marketing & Advertising Agencies in APAC & MENA by MADCon 2019

    • Our DNA is Performance
    • We are a 360° Creative Digital Advertising Agency
    • Perfectly Precise on PPC / SEO / Content / Creatives / Videos / Ad film Production
    • Building Brands with Purpose & Passion
    • We cater to Top TAM5K Enterprises to Startup Solutions

    Our Happy Customers

    Our Services

    PPC Ads

    We have the most experienced ex-google PPC, DBM 360 Managers for hire, the power of PPC Ads of Google & Social Media is hidden in Analytics. Analyze, Plan, Connect & Sell. Let your website do the talking, while you make sales.

    Advance Technical SEO

    SEO is no more the same, and it's tactical advanced on-page technical holistic strategies, driven with logics & persistence to track and interlink search engine algorithms with SERP ensuring your website to outrank the competition.

    Content Marketing

    The world lives on OTT / Social Media &Viral News Brunch, and today brands need great messaging via creatives, blogs, videos & influencers. We make your business look content driven to be precise.


    Let your website do the talking, while you make sales.Generate Organic + Top Quality PPC Leads on Autopilot With Best PPC / SEO / Creative Agency in India.

    Generate Organic Traffic +
    Top Quality PPC Leads on Autopilot

    Best PPC / SEO / Creative Agency in India.

    Why Choose Us

    Google Ads Consulting

    You will be on the first page of Google from the first moment. We segment by keywords, devices, sex, age, and location.

    SEM and PPC campaigns

    We focus on obtaining the highest profitability from your campaigns and optimizing ROI in order to grow your business.

    Flexibility in the budget

    There is no minimum or maximum investment; at any time, you can limit your budget. You can also enable or disable your ads whenever you consider it.

    New customers, Increases calls and visits

    You will pay only when someone visits your website, that is, if a user has seen your ad but has not clicked on it, the cost will be zero.

    Personal Consultant for your business

    You will be assigned a professional expert in the creation and optimization of SEM and PPC campaigns specialized in the sector in which your business operates.

    Absolute Transparency

    You can review the performance of your accounts whenever you want and make the changes you consider appropriate, always with the advice of one of our professionals in Admagento.

    Clients Review

    AdMagneto Media is our digital brand management agency for GGI, GITAM, GTC, GIATP and Ganga International School, they have a great team, Sujeet who is (Ex-Google) and Founder of AdMagneto Media has expansive knowledge on Digital Media, YouTube Video, Media Management. We recommend him any day. ~ Ganga International School
    Great Digital Media Agency - Ganga Technical Campus
    AdMagneto is beyond a full service digital agency, they are think tanks and a very focused Creative Copy Writers when it comes to creating new content for Brand Marketing. You should check their social or YouTube to understand how deeply they think. I give them 4.5 /5 . ~ Surendra K V - UI/UX Developer
    They are a great digital advertising agency (Ex-Googlers), the video content production is a creative mastery they have and creatives copywriting is outstanding. They handhold the projects on social media and digital ad's with great speed and accuracy..
    VOYCE any day recommends AdMagneto Media 10/10 all the best Sujeet, Sonali& Team #admagnetomedia Kudos.. ~ Anika Singh - Founder -VOYCE & SIKH Research Institute - USA
    I was blown away by their speed of completing the video project and I would recommend them to anyone in the industry. They are an intelligent, thoughtful, and friendly team to work with. ~ Priyank Bisariya - YouTuber / Vlogger / Content Creator
    Excellent service, commitment is commendable towards work and honesty, integrity is impeccable. Love to take the service again and again. ~ Rohit Tugnaith PPC Lead (Ex-Google) AdGlobal 360
    My experience with Admagneto Media has been just incredible from the start. Their team is organized, forward-thinking, practical, and adaptable. They constantly stay forward of marketing capital trends and recommend tactics on how to manage our company's marketing at the forefront. We couldn't do what we do without their help. They both go above and beyond to serve our demands and are just a delight to work with. From graphics and website design to copywriting and marketing strategy, Admagneto does it all, and they do it well.~ Sanjeev Pandey Lead SEO Expert (Ex- WILDNET Technologies)

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